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  Select the Safe Search Engine that appeals to your child according to their age group. (SafeSearch is ON)

1. - The Safe Little Kids Search Engine
                          Ideal for Kids Ages 9 & Under.     
     2. - SafeSearch for Tweens and Teens
                                          Designed for Kids Ages 10 & Up.

Safe Search Engines

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Safe Search Engines
SafeSearch Kids
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These Google Kids SafeSearch Engines deliver the same safe search results as powered by Google.  The only differences between these safe search websites listed above are the themes and informational content in our resource pages.

Safe Image Search
Safe Images

Wiki for Kids Search Wiki for Kids

Google has provided a means for kids to generate safe search results.  To do this from, you will need to change your safe search settings to "strict filtering".  Using one of the kids safe search engines listed above locks safe search automatically.

Why Use SafeSearch Engines powered by Google?

When kids are conducting searches from Google's main page at, the safe search settings are subject to the settings within each of the browsers being used.  To make sure each browser is properly set to strict filtering including safe images, you need to manually change it.  As well, you will need to lock safe search using your Google account to ensure it stays on.  

Utilizing Kid Clicks or Safe Search Kids ensures that strict filtering is always on, regardless of your browser settings.

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